Golden Stripe

Golden Stripe

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Bonus New Member 100%, Cashback 5%, Rollingan 0,5%.

*Syarat dan ketentuan berlaku.
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Golden Stripe is an online slot developed by One Touch. It has a minimum bet of 0.50, a maximum bet of 400, and a top prize of x15,000. Features include Level Up.

Theme, Graphics & Design

Most players’ feelings upon loading Golden Stripe for the first time will be confusion. The slot can seem baffling until you get used to it, but even in those first moments, its beauty will take your breath away. Golden Stripe has a predominantly Eastern and extremely regal aesthetic. A single reel rests between two pillars, with the sun setting in the background.

Reds and golds are everywhere, so Golden Stripe is decadent. A noble tiger perches on one side of the pillars, staring out towards the setting sun. It’s all suitably opulent but remains classy rather than melodramatic. The golden leaves that flutter across the screen are a gorgeous final touch.

Golden Stripe’s music is a brilliant example of less being much more. It isn’t even a tune; it’s more like the sound of isolated, plucked strings complementing the setting sun. Ambient effects, including running water and a light breeze, give the proceedings a dreamy quality, especially alongside all the wealth.

How to play Golden Stripe

Golden Stripe is much simpler than it initially seems, although the learning curve can feel steep when the slot loads. It’s nothing like your usual online slot, so we highly recommend giving these tips a read before you start spinning.

  1. Never has it been more important to read the rules before you begin. These can be found by tapping “i.”
  2. There’s no dedicated paytable screen, but the value of all the symbols (along with their current levels) is displayed along the grid.
  3. Use the cog to open up sound controls, where you’ll also find turbo and spacebar-as-spin options.
  4. Autoplay is also on offer, with some limiters on losses and wins. It’s situated just underneath spin and styled as a fast-forward icon.
  5. The coin pile will show a list of stake sizes, so choose your preferred wager.
  6. Every symbol has a unique progress bar displayed next to the grid, with the highest wins saved for the top levels. Landing a golden symbol advances you a notch higher on all the progress bars, but a winless spin sends you back to the bottom. Landing standard symbols means that you stay at the current level.
  7. Work out your budget and always keep responsible gambling at the forefront of your thoughts.
  8. Press spin!

Bet & Win Sizes

Golden Stripe has a comparatively high minimum bet of 0.50 and a maximum of 400. The top win (achieved for reaching the highest level on the progress bars) is x15,000 for a tiger symbol.

Symbols pay out their maximum wins at level 7, so let’s see what you can earn if you reach that tier.

One tiger = x 15,000

One panda = x 5,000

One tortoise = x 1000

One frog = x 500

One koi = x 200

Golden Stripe has just one payline, and winning symbols must land between the two golden pointers.

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