God of War

God of War

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God of War Warfare continues to be a popular theme for online slots games, and now CQ9 has added to the genre with God of War. Based on a 5 x 3 grid layout, this game does away with traditional paylines, offering instead an impressive 243 Ways to Win. Spin up bonus scatters to choose your free spins round, which lets you select your own volatility level.

Game Theme

As a software company with its headquarters in Taiwan, CQ9 Slots often uses aspects of Asian and Oriental culture for its inspiration. And in the case of God of War, it’s the mighty Guan Yu who is the game’s subject. Although he’s often referred to as the God of War, Guan Yu was actually a genuine mortal, who was revered for his loyalty and high moral code in battle.

To this day, Guan Yu is worshipped throughout large swathes of southern China, as well as throughout Taiwan. On the reels of God of War, he takes on the role of the game’s scatter symbol. Other symbols on the reels include his horse, his armour, helmet and book of warfare.

Graphics & Soundtrack

As always with CQ9 games, nothing at all has been left to chance. This development company is committed to producing high-quality and engaging games that players can really immersive themselves in. And that’s certainly the case with God of War. From the moment the game loads, the player is presented with the scenes of a major battle about to take place.

To either side of the reels, grim-faced horseman are riding into battle, as storm clouds gather overhead. The reels are supported by wooden posts lashed together with strips of leather, and kept to a muted dark shade, which allows the symbols to stand out. Trigger the free spins bonus round, and you’ll be taken to a new set of reels, with fireballs streaming overhead as the battle rages all around. The developers have clearly taken some inspiration from console games, to create a thrilling action-packed slots game that will keep fans hooked.

A suitably epic soundtrack plays out to accompany the gameplay of God of War. The music rises and falls, building to a crescendo before tailing off again. This prevents it from becoming repetitive or irritating, although players can still mute the sounds if they prefer.

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