Greek Gods

Greek Gods

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Greek Gods is an online slot developed by Pragmatic Play with 5 reels, 3 rows and 243-ways-to-win. The game’s RTP is 96.5% and features include instant cash awards and two bonus rounds. It is a medium/high volatility game.

Greek Gods RTP (Payout) & Volatility

A 96.5% RTP for Greek Gods ensures you can hope to see a decent return for your bet. It means that Pragmatic Play has calculated the average reward over a series of games, and it adds up to 96.50 for every 100 wager. Do bear in mind that figure is only an average. Half the fun of a slot is knowing that natural deviation can cause wild swings in your payouts, either for good or for bad.

That’s why you should also take a look at the volatility of a slot when trying to calculate your return. A low-volatility slot may have plenty of wins, but they’ll probably be pretty small. A high-volatility slot is higher risk and higher reward, with its more impressive wins spread out. Greek Gods is medium to high-volatility, meaning it’s fairly balanced but leans more toward the few and far between side of win frequency.

Greek Gods Slot Graphics & Theme

There’s nothing overly radical in the graphics or theme of this slot. The reels are framed by the pillars of a classic Greek temple, and you can look out over the landscape of Ancient Greece in the background. Gold is the colour scheme for this part of the game, with the sun bringing warmth and light to everything. The reels themselves host iconic Greek gods such as a bearded Zeus glowing with lightning or the beautiful but cruel Hera. Smaller symbols, such as a harp or a goblet, also fit the theme, but considering the size of the Greek pantheon, it seems like a waste to only have two of the gods make an appearance.

In Greek mythology, king of the gods Zeus is famous for wielding lightning bolts and overthrowing his own father, but he’s also known as an unfaithful husband. He regularly disguised himself so he could wander the earth, seducing every woman he saw. The children of these unions included powerful heroes such as Hercules and Perseus. Meanwhile, Zeus’ angry and bitter wife, Hera, took her anger out on Zeus’ illegitimate children. She was the goddess of women, marriage and childbirth, in charge of blessing weddings and protecting new wives.