Diamonds are Forever 3 Lines

Diamonds are Forever 3 Lines

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Pragmatic Play Diamonds are Forever 3 Lines a slot and casino gaming developer who truly understands what it is that players are looking for, the attraction of this game lies in its unashamed simplicity. Despite its vintage appearance, the game is bang up to date; available to enjoy on a choice of mobile devices. It’s also available in excellent free play mode, which will never cost you a single penny. Ideal for both slot newcomers and seasoned players looking for something traditional. A low variance and average RTP of 94% makes this game truly accessible for every player.

Pragmatic Play Diamonds Are Forever 3 Lines slot graphics

To say that this game features absolute classic graphics would be an understatement. Making the most of the excellent diamond theme, the exquisite gems are joined by some truly iconic symbols including a Lucky Seven, Bells and Bars. The game design features a bold grey/blue/purple colour theme with each reel lit up with tiny stars. The three x three reel table is found to the centre right of the screen with the paytable to the left and the wagering options to the bottom. With the paytable in full view at all times, it’s really easy to double check what you will win for any payline combination. In addition to such retro design, the game also features jaunty and traditional sound FX. If the sounds are not to your liking it’s easy to turn them off by simply clicking on the volume icon to the lower left of the screen.

How to play Diamonds Are Forever 3 Lines slots

Despite the simple nature of this game, making a wager is a four-step process, which actually offers up loads more wagering options that you would have first assumed. Along the bottom of the screen you will see a number of buttons, make your wager as you work your way from left to right. First choose your coin value, with options from £0.01 to £0.50. Whatever amount you choose will be wagered against both the number of lines and the bet level you choose. The next step is to choose an autospin amount of between 1 and 1,000 spins, but don’t click to start the autospins just yet; you need to make some more wagering options first. Step three is to pick a bet level of between 1 and 10. Then choose either 1, 2 or 3 paylines. The minimum bet would, therefore, be: coin value £0.01 x bet level 1 x paylines 1 = £0.01. The maximum bet would be: Coin value £0.50 x bet level 10 x paylines 3 = £15.00. Want to play in Quickspin turbo mode? Click the Settings icon to the lower left of the screen to turn this option on.

Diamonds Are Forever 3 Lines payout ratio

This slot game has a payout ratio, also known as return to player, of 94.005%. That means that for every £1 wagered in the game, an average of slightly over 94p is paid out over time. Those playing for a short period of time should not expect to receive an ‘exact’ payout of 94.005%, as this is based on an average over time.

How to win at Diamonds Are Forever 3 Lines slots

Wins come by landing three symbols in a payline. Or in the case of the bell, just one or two symbols. You can also form wins when two symbols appear on a payline with a wild which will substitute to make a third. In fact, the wild appearing on its own will substitute for a single bell so will, therefore, still mean a payline win. The wild also serves as the highest paying symbol, so three of these on a payline and you will enjoy the game’s highest win.

Diamonds Are Forever 3 Lines slot bonus features

The only bonus feature of this game comes in the form of a Blue Seven wild. This symbol can appear at will on any spin and will substitute other symbols to help form payline wins. On its own, it also happens to be the highest paying symbol when it appears three times in a row, triggering a maximum jackpot of 6,000x.

Diamonds Are Forever 3 Lines slots top win

The top win in this game comes from three wilds in a row which has a top jackpot payout of 6,000x. For a maximum line bet of £5.00, that means a win of £30,000, which every slots player will agree with is not to be sniffed at. Apart for the wild, the highest scoring symbol, is the diamond, which pays out 200x your total line bet when it appears three times in a row.

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